Appointment Setting

Every business sets sales objectives and business targets. The only way to meet them is to have a consistent supply of high-quality leads for your sales team to follow up and turn into profitable customers. We have the skills, knowledge and experience you need. Our proven appointment setting strategy allows your sales team to spend more time in front of potential clients closing deals and less time in the office.

We Make Appointments for your Sales Team

New prospects constantly need to be found and we need to build relationships with them before they become customers. Four main points underpin all successful prearranged appointments; 1) Discover the decision maker within the business. 2) Convince them to make an appointment. 3) Arranging a convenient meeting. 4) Reaffirm the reason and importance for the meeting.

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Our Appointment Setting Process

Step 1: Identify the correct contact

There is no point wasting time setting an appointment with someone who has no responsibility for the service/product. So this first step is so important that it is worth several phone calls or emails to help clarify. Usually it is a matter of getting past the receptionist, in order to talk to a head of department. What you certainly don’t want to do is make an appointment with someone who doesn’t have the responsibility to make a decision. This will just waste the time of the specialist.

Step 2: Engage with the contact

Having identified the right person, the next step is to convince them that it would be beneficial for them to meet with your specialist sales person. This is where knowledge of the benefits of the services on offer come in. An appointment making company will need these to be clearly identified. Exactly what is on offer and why that would be useful to the prospect. Being skilled at communicating these benefits is crucial for those involved in appointment setting.

Step 3: Arrange the appointment

3/ Setting the right time and place should be done immediately the benefits of a meeting have been established otherwise the reasons for the meeting may grow faint and have to be re-established. Successful appointment setters approach this third phase with even more care and attention than the first two stages. Would it be useful for an initial contact to be made on the phone? Would a visit to the prospective client’s office be required for the sales specialist to size or measure requirements in order to provide a quotation? Would a face to face meeting better establish a long term relationship? Would a visit to the service provider’s premises impress the prospect and create a better buying opportunity?

Step 4: Clarify the benefits of the appointment

4/ The final step, then, once an appointment time and place has been agreed, is to once again go through the reasons for the meeting. This can often be overlooked but it is vital to re-establish the importance of the meeting by going through the benefits to the prospect once more. This is where more doubts and objections may be uncovered. Is the prospect satisfied that your company can handle their business? Do they need to see testimonials from other satisfied customers? It may also be necessary to discuss the boundaries of the initial appointment, so that both parties understand what they are going to be talking about before they arrive at the meeting.

After all these phases have been completed the appointment needs to be confirmed. Preferably by the specialist sales person who is going to meet with the prospective client. It is important, however, that this is all that is done. A confirmation email or phone call should not attempt to start the selling process with further information or discussion. This is the way for appointments to be cancelled.

If you would like us to discuss appointment setting for your company then please contact us without delay to find out how inexpensive it could be to provide you with a constant stream of new appointments for your sales team.

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  • Good old fashioned ethics
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