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Lead Generation Companies

Lead Generation Companies as a Vital Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Lead Generation takes a lot of Concentration

What is a lead? Does this word mean the same for every business? And why would you decide to use a third party Lead Generation Company to provide you with new leads?

In essence a lead is an expression of interest in at least one of your products or services. This doesn't mean that somebody is a Lead Generator simply by giving you the name and contact number of a business person who may be interested in talking to you if you were to contact them. This is not a lead, it is a suggestion you may or may not wish to follow up. You are likely to find out, if you do, that they have never even heard of you or your company, let alone have had any interest generated in your products and services.

If our company were to generate a lead for one of your B to B services, for example, we would have spoken to a decision maker at one of your potential customers on your behalf. It may have been on one occasion or on many. Sometimes it can take several phone conversations before we find the right person to talk to and then it could take several more to discuss their needs and how your company may be able to fulfil at least one of them.

A lead is not the same as an appointment. Sometimes it doesn't work well for us to make appointments on your behalf because you prefer to look after your own diary or you prefer to speak to a potential client first to decide for yourself whether a person to person appointment would be worthwhile at a later stage and who would be the best person to assign to that task.

Providing your business with leads on a regular basis could be a service that would help form part of your long term marketing strategy. You would help us to define what exactly a lead means to you. For example, if someone tells us they will be in the market for office furniture next year because they are going to be opening a new office, should we pass this on to your office furniture company immediately or hold on to it to follow up ourselves and not waste your time with it until the time is ripe!

Leads are not always worth the same, either. So we would need to explore with you the profit potential for your services so that we understand how much time it is worth spending trying to identify potential prospects for these services and not spend all your profits on leads generation.  

What many businesses require are fresh new leads from potential new customers on a regular basis. We often find that many owners of small businesses are so busy doing work for existing clients that they have no time left for finding new ones and sifting through time-wasters and unlikely prospects themselves is not a task they look forward to!

Instead, you could decide to investigate some lead generation companies and decide which of them could best bring in new leads for you every month, using telesales and mailshots techniques in combination with the generation of leads from your website. Then you can settle back and wait for potential new clients to come flooding in so that you can follow them through in your own time to actually generate real solid business.

As a quality Lead Generation Company we can work in ways that compliment what you are trying to achieve with your other marketing tools. For example, we can take account of :-

  • Special Promotions on your Website
  • Mailshot Campaigns to follow up
  • Seasonal Dips or Busy Periods
  • Sales and Clearouts

Lead Generation Companies, such as Epic Telemarketing, based in Essex but capable of carrying out campaigns throughout the UK, can take on the job of finding the key decision makers in companies for specific products and services. We can also contact them by phone to tell them about the offer, staying with them while they view the details on your website and generating those hot leads for you through personal contact, allowing you to spend your time exploring the specific needs of that particular client once we have passed the lead on to you.

If you would like to talk to us about your ideas for helping you with Lead Generation then please don't hesitate to contact us right away and we will do our very best to assist you at a highly competitive price for a top quality service.

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