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Charity Week

This week we are having a fun packed charity week where all donations are going to Kool Carers . Kool Carers focuses on supporting young people, who care and look after a member of their family who are sick, disabled, who have a mental health illness, or who may be misusing drugs or alcohol.  Kool Carers South East Limited, provides a safe, professional and comfortable environment for young carers Age 8 – 18 years, to develop personal and social relationships, whilst developing their independent life-skills and building their resilience, all of which helps to enhance individual emotional well-being. This week we have had a Pyjamas and slippers day, games in the garden, dress up as someone famous or a person from history, hat or wig day and a day in our slippers and socks. We have a Day off paid raffle and a 50/50 win. For every appointment made Karon will make a donation. Cakes and glasses of wine will be available at a price and we have all had to try and guess who’s baby photo belongs to who. We have had the Mario Bros in the office, been graced by Queen, Amy Winehouse, Adele a little bit of Ab Fabulous and many more.  We have had such a funny time  trying to guess the who’s who with everyone bringing in a baby photo. We have had a cake and wine sale and to finish of the week it ended us being able to wear our slippers all day . With the help of everyone and their donations we have managed to raise £380.00 for the charity. Well done everyone.







Posted: March 11, 2020