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We are an award winning Marketing company providing a wide range of telemarketing services for business to business organisations, database updating, appointment setting, lead generation and seminar booking.

Case Studies

Our process starts with a detailed meeting to plan the campaign, set targets and objectives.

Then we make sure you have the correct prospects. This is crucial, as the data we call from is incredibly important. It is either provided by the client or we will obtain data, based on our discussions. This will maximize the budget when you come to calling the data. It's the difference between taking a shotgun approach -- calling all contacts on a less detailed database, or being more strategic about your contact list in the first instance.

Before we start calling, many of clients like to come and meet the team and give a small presentation. This is not always needed but it does transmit the enthusiasm the client has for their product or service to the team involved. A script is written and agreed with diary dates confirmed.

We then quietly but effectively start your campaign to achieve the desired results (MORE BUSINESS). This allows you to continue your business in the knowledge that we are providing you with new leads and appointments. 


When I started my business I built up a client base as a result of conducting telesales myself. But as the business grew I found that in order to sustain new business while delivering a quality service I had to outsource telesales. I must have visited about half a dozen agencies after finally choosing a local agency over Epic.Things however did not work out with the local agency. Rather than making us money lead generation was costing us money and I had to let them go. I returned to Epic and gave them a chance to prove to me just how good they are. Epic impressed me from the off. In their first month they helped me convert more appointments than the other agency did in 3 months. I'm very pleased with the service to date and would have no hesitation in recommending Epic. I often say the mark of a good business is the strength and leadership of its manager, there can be no doubt that with Karon's leadership Epic will deliver a professional service and manage its clients expectations with great results 

Carlo Pegna - Legal & Operations Manager, Master Collections


I would like to thank you and your staff for the service you have provided over the last 12 months. In this time you have made many quality appointments and some have led to new business worth in excess of £30K of gross profit. As you know we rely heavily on Epic for new business appointments and work very hard at ensuring we are all working together and are focused on business that is deliverable. You personally have been great at offering advice and in providing feed back and information to help us work in the best way in partnership. I would have no problem in recommending you and your company and would happily act as a reference if you require. Once again that you for your support and continued industry

Mark Alford : Managing Director Storepoint


A client asked us for a follow up phone campaign to book attendee's on a free seminar.  The data had been mailed by post.  Our job was to encourage the recipients to attend the seminar taking place in their area.  If they hadn't received the postal invite, we emailed the invite and followed up again.

In many instances the contacts were incorrect or the data was old so a great deal of investigation work took place before we eventually got to speak with the correct contact. Our job was to get through to the decision maker get their agreement to attend and then our client and their team would take it over sending the appropriate paperwork  . We booked 20 attendee's each at   5 venue's.  We had worked for this client previously on an appointment making campaign and he had been extremely happy with the results we provided.  On the first seminar the expected numbers were low and obviously our client wasn't happy.  To understand what went wrong we called the prospects who explained they had not been furnished with the follow up information we told them they would receive, maps, speakers, dietary requirements. We then went back to our client who investigated their end and found there had been an IT glitch. The following campaigns were 99% attended as we and the client made sure that the prospect received everything prior to attendance. When something is offered for free sometimes the value is not perceived.  We made sure that there could be no barriers to attendance. To be an external supplier we need to be on the same wave length as our client react to any issue's and rectify them.


A client who runs an e-learning platform used our appointment making to introduce their new service. We made appointments and they closed many customers. This particular client decided to take their telemarketing in house as they wanted more control.  After two months they came back to Epic as they were not receiving the same amount of sales leads therefore their conversions were much lower.  We have hit the ground running second time around with this campaign and our client is very pleased with our progress.  


After a new Development Director was appointed, a group of Insurance Brokers left us to pursue other telemarketing options.  Within 3 months they had returned to us as they were not receiving the quality or quantity of appointments to achieve their targets. They had been a client of Epic's for over 10 years and we had always reached our targets with our appointment setting service. They left to take their telemarketing strategy in a variety of directions but with limited success, luckily for us!  We kept in close contact with each Branch Manager in the group, it kept the channels of communication open and we reaped the benefits by securing a returning client. 

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