About Epic Telemarketing

We are an Award Winning telemarketing company based in Essex, UK and have been trading in the business to business marketplace since 1991.

From our 25 plus years in business we have seen many changes, but companies still need sales. If you want to sell a product or service you need our Lead Generation service, where appointments are being made for you and telesales call backs resulting in firm repeat orders can cut out those time consuming tasks for many businesses. Sometimes this sort of task is not a favorite one with your sales team, which is where we can help.

Our staff, according to the clients in our B2B Telemarketing UK Case Studies, “are professional and persistent” which are the characteristics you need for a telemarketer to achieve results.  They have the experience and expertise needed to hit targets, making sales appointments and leads, ensuring we all maximise a client’s sales growth. Our style is to use a common sense approach, to know when to push forward or back off, making sure our customer’s brand is kept intact.

Working with us means taking the risk out of outsourcing and solutions tailored specifically to your requirements. No matter what the size and scope of your project, we have the experience to make it a success. At Epic we take care to understand both our clients and their customers. It’s easy to talk the talk, but at Epic we really do walk the walk.


A telemarketing mistake we often see is that you can be too focused on an immediate goal and not on the long-term marketing potential of a telephone conversation. There is so much time and attention spent on locating the ‘hot’ lead or appointment among prospects, that it’s easy to bypass having quality conversations with qualified prospects who are not ready to buy, but maybe a worthwhile future potential.

We find listening is the key!!

Telemarketing requires various skills and they differ from those you would employ in face to face contacts. The body language and facial expressions are cut out completely, that’s why it is possible for customers to develop a preconceived impression from what is said to them.

Make sure it’s the right impression of your company. We find a call can be won or lost in the first twenty seconds, so we want a potential customer to form the correct impression about our client, according to the message they receive by talking to us. Make sure it’s the right message from the right company.


People buy from people – Now Meet the Epic Team

Karon Robertson

Many customers and prospects may know me as Clark this was my surname when I started my sole trader business in 1991, we change to a Ltd company in 1998. My role is to procure new business and liaise with clients, as well as manage and motivate our telemarketers.

Jayne Clark-Denyer

I joined the company officially in August 2012, four months before my daughter was born. I have been inadvertently involved with Epic in some capacity or another for quite some time as Karon Robertson is my mother. Epic can now officially be called a family business! Karon and I work alongside each other managing the team, procuring new business and liaising with our clients. If I am not in the office, Karon is, and on the rare occasion where we are both out of the office, we are either visiting our wonderful clients or on the road pitching for new business.

Sharon (Our Poet)

I'm just the receptionist, don't mind me , don't even get time to drink my tea. I answer the phone whilst opening the door, there's one thing for sure life's not a bore. Invoicing, franking and credit control, I suppose its better than being on the dole. Emailing, checking one of the many things I do , not bad from someone who hasn't got a clue. Never a dull day with all the comings and goings, of course not forgetting all the Christmas poems.


I have worked for EPIC Marketing since 1998, after being 'head hunted' by the MD Karon, this could be because our son's were good friends at school together, and she knew if there was one thing I could do well, it was talk! I have another role, as the unofficial company caterer. I love to cook and all the staff are really appreciative. I would like to say I am senior staff, rather than oldest member of our team, they are all a great bunch of personalities.


I am predominantly a telemarketer but my role also encompasses database cleansing and I also look after the EPIC website. I have been at EPIC since 2002 now and loved every minute of it. I am a very bubbly person but this does not stop my colleagues avoiding me on Mondays as I have the role of collecting the money for births deaths and marriages or anything in between, we're a very social company so that means I'm always asking!


I started working for EPIC Telemarketing in 2002, which shows how happy I am here. I am a telemarketer on a day to day basis and also do part of the company data basing. I met my husband on an Epic Christmas party in December 2005 and we married in April 2008 so if I hadn't worked for Epic our paths would never have crossed!

Lauren .M.

I have worked for EPIC since 2004. Now as a Telemarketer. According to Karon I looked like Marilyn Monroe when I came for my interview, unfortunately 9 years of working here have taken their toll! I did leave for a brief period to have my daughter but couldn't stay away. I love working with my colleagues, they take my banter and my sometimes colorful language very well.


I would say I'm a happy go lucky person, I can take things to heart easily, although I am a great socialiser (a paradox I know). I have worked for EPIC Since 2004 , where I found a ready made family, I find every one of them so lovely to work with. I can also be some what scatty as I went to Scotland to hopefully find my true love through a dating site. His profile said he was a 5ft 11, a stocky and good looking chap but I found myself sitting on Dundee station with a man barely able to reach my knees, bless him. If you fit the original profile please get in touch!

Lauren .P

I started working at EPIC in November 2010 it's a great place to work with great people. I left to have my son in 2012 but was excited to come back and see everyone. This is the perfect job when you have children and need cheering up. I like to be top of the leaderboard.


I started work for EPIC in Oct 2010 and have enjoyed every moment of it. This job has given me the opportunity to work as well as being a full time mummy. I love all my work colleagues and even my boss is half decent!


I have been working at EPIC since Sept 2011 as a telemarketer. I enjoy working in a relaxed atmosphere alongside the very friendly and helpful team, ( this is my chance to sit down for 4 hours and talk constantly, something I have never been allowed to do in previous jobs). In my spare time I love going to rock concerts and attending the MotoGP and other motorcycling events.


I started at EPIC since 2013 a year after having my beautiful daughter Olivia and so far I have enjoyed my time here..I left again in 2014 for a year to have my little boy Freddie. As much as I love being a mummy I do enjoy coming to work for a bit of adult time and banter.... The relaxed, yet professional, atmosphere and friendly staff are a bonus too :-)


I've work at EPIC since 2013 and I Love it. I work with a great bunch of people. Working for Epic has given me my freedom back and my young daughter is very proud of her mum's new job. I hope to make it to the top of the leaderboard one day !


I've worked for EPIC since 2005. I love it From being in the office with everyone to our days out, it is a pleasure to work at EPIC. I went on maternity leave for a few months to have my daughter, who is my pride and joy. It's been great to be able to work again and combine the two. I hope to continue for a few years yet being part of a good team.


I started working at EPIC marketing in February 2014. I have a 6 year old daughter. When looking for a job I needed to find something that allowed me enough time at home, as well as giving me sometime as Chelsea. I can honestly say I have found my perfect job for me . What woman could complain about sitting around drinking coffee, chatting on the phone, not to mention being paid for it!


I recently joined the EPIC team in October 2014, I enjoy working alongside the team as they are a fantastic bunch, work fits in with my family life perfectly as I have a 15 year old son, who I naturally adore.


I have worked at EPIC since February 2015. I enjoy working for the company and feel very relaxed. They are a lovely team and it is a very friendly environment. I have 2 lovely girls and 4 Grandchildren and lead a happy single life.


I have been working at EPIC since 2014 and every one is lovely and a real laugh. I enjoy coming to work as I have a 5 year old son and love being a good role model to him.


I am a mum of two. I have worked for EPIC for 5 years with a little break in between to have my second little boy. I love being apart of EPIC, being a team, friends and even have a family member here. It is a lovely feeling where you are more than happy to go to work as every day is different.


I previously worked for EPIC for 10 years and have recently rejoined in an accounts/admin role on a part time basis, as I wanted more me time. I have two grandchildren and wanted to spend my weekends having fun with them not housework. EPIC offers a great place to work with great girls and many social events to attend.


I started in September 16 and I am thoroughly enjoying my time here at EPIC. I have two lovely boys (Lennon and Archer) who are my joy, but it is so good to come here for adult company. We have a fantastic team, great for a laugh and support when needed.


I started working at EPIC the end of January 2017. I have 2 boys and I was getting really bored while they were at school so this is the perfect job for me. It is a lovely work place with some great ladies who make you feel very welcome.


I moved to Canvey Island in September 2016, I gave up my last job to work closer to home. How lucky am I! I now work one mile from home and walk to work every day. The people who work for EPIC are all local, very friendly and helpful.


I started working at Epic in January this year, I find it to be a lovely environment to work in, everyone is so welcoming, friendly and supportive! My job works perfectly around my studies and family life as I have a young daughter.